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Foretee is one of the most unique golf websites in the world. It combines an easy to use interface that enables the users to easily navigate to find golf courses in any specific location throughout the United States, and find weather conditions specific to the area and to the golf course, locate golf courses on the map and find directions to get there. All this is provided free to the public. Users can book tee times through the website. Registered users can store preferences such as location, weather condition, and tee time rates. If and when these conditions meet the golfers are alerted by email or other forms of alerts available.

What it means to Golf Courses is that it gives a huge opportunity to bring more golfers to the golf course in whatever weather. Golf Courses can take advantage of the Dynamic Pricing system to publish tee time rates in real time and change it any time to whatever the rate may be either determined by demand or weather condition on a given day. The Golf Courses have complete control of the tee times and the number of golfers they offer a specific rate too. What more, the golf courses can even send email through the system for a small fee to their mailing list as and when there is a special offer, a price change, or simply to bring more golfers to the golf course. Once tee times are booked through the system, the golf course can opt to receive tee time payouts through immediate bank transfer, Paypal or by Checks at anytime.

While targeting and servicing millions of golfers worldwide, Foretee is the ideal route to reach new golfers and retain existing ones. Moreover, since most business travelers look for opportunities to play in new locations, Foretee serves as a perfect way for golfers to locate your golf course. No other golf search and booking engine provides what Foretee does. Foretee is specific to the golf world and intends to bring more novel ways to service the golfing public and hence give more services to the golf courses.

To sign up as a Foretee partner golf course is absolutely free. There are no contracts or agreements. A partner golf course can cancel the partnership at any time.

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